Teaching/Learning Opportunities (TLO)


Christian Symbolism

The Christian Symbolism TLO will identify and explore basic symbols used in the Christian faith.  Each symbol has a message that is only revealed if one understands the code language. This TLO reveals the code and explains the faith message behind the symbols with scriptural foundations.

Christian Education

The Christian Education TLO explores the basics around educational ministry within local congregations. Attention is given to biblical foundations, structure, organization, budget and other matters.

Age Group Ministry Cluster

The Age Group TLO is designed to look at providing an educational ministry for children, youth, adults and older adults. Each group is presented separately with an understanding of intergenerational possibilities.

African American History & Stamps

The African American History and Stamps TLO explores the history and heritage of people of color within the United States using postage stamps issued by the United States Postage Service.


The Chrismons TLO explains the meaning and use of Chrismons to communicate the faith in a visual manner. Participants will also engage in making Chrismons to use in their homes or churches.

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning TLO explores the basics regarding Jesus’ methodology for effective teaching, how people learn, different teaching/learning styles and evaluating whether learning has occurred.

Other TLOs

Other TLOs can be designed to meet specific needs of a congregation or group. Please share your need on the contact page of this site.